Face mask? 2020 is totally different from the other years.

Face mask? 2020 is totally different from the other years.

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This year is different from the others.

The whole situation related to COVID-19 was a surprise to all of us. Luckily Europe is getting back on track and we’re extremely happy about it. We’re also happy for you as you’ve decided to come to Poland. Many of you are asking us what the situation in our country looks like. We’d like to comfort you – a trip to Poland isn’t more dangerous than staying at home. Poland is back to normal and there’s nothing left to fear.

Althoug, there’re a few safety rule you need to remember about on your trip to Poland.

Face masks? Yes, please! But only in public places such as shops, restaurants and petrol stations. It isn’t obligatory to wear masks on the street. You can also move around without wearing a mask in some hotels. You should ask your pilot though if it’s obligatory to wear a mask in your hotel – there’re different rules in different places.

Gloves? No need for that but if it’ll make you feel safer, you can use them. There’s a possibility to disinfect your hands in all public place and we strongly recommend that.

What else should you remember about?

  • Wash your hands as often as possible.
  • While coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth.
  • Use single-use tissues.
  • While greeting, avoid shaking hands and kissing.
  • Keep a safe distance from other people. Especially in crowded places.

These are some simple rules but they can stop the virus from spreading.

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Good luck on your hunt!

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