Hunting traditions in Poland

Hunting traditions in Poland

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Poland is a country rich in hunting traditions. Various customs and ceremonies are cultivated during all types of hunting in Poland. Therefore, we believe they should be widely known and understood by all our guests.


The origins of the Polish hunting language dates back to really old times. What is more, the language is shaped both by the Polish history and the socio-economic transformation processes that our country has gone through. Use of special vocabulary during hunting events and among Polish hunters is now perceived as obligatory. What is more, it is constantly developing. We present the basics that can be helpful during your stay in Poland in an e-book we created in spring 2020. Would you like to get it free of charge? Write to Turn on JavaScript! 


Hunting signals are first and foremost used by the hunters to communicate with each other in challenging conditions. Apart from that, they are an intrinsic element of the Polish hunting tradition. In the past, Polish hunters distinguished more than 30 musical phrases that facilitated hunting. Nowadays, the hunting signals are of the greatest importance on driven hunts, where they are used both to communicate (start and finish the drives) and to pay respect to the game.


Złom is an evergreen twig (20-30 cm) placed at hunter’s hat. It is usually taken from a tree or a bush that grows at the place where a hunter downed his game. The tradition says that złom should be broken off of a bush or a tree and not cut off with a knife.


Displaying the bag (Polish pokot) is a traditional way of finishing a hunt. It is of the utmost importance on driven hunts. The whole of the game gained within a hunt is displayed and put on the ground in a specified order. It is a very official ceremony accompanied by a bonfire and hunting signals that commemorate the game. Apart from that, the master of the hunt honours the best hunters as the king and the vice-king of the hunt. The worst hunter, on the other hand, gets usually a medal for being a bad shooter.


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