Season 2019/2020

Season 2019/2020

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Thank you for being with us in 2018! It was a year of good hunting experiences for you all! But we hope 2019 will be even greater! If you want to book a hunting let us know about your expectations as soon as possible. Here are some things you should keep in mind while planning your DRIVEN HUNT!

Dear Hunters,
we hope 2018 was a year of good hunting experiences for you all! We want to thank all of you for your cooperation in the past year. We were happy to host you here in Poland. 
We would like to invite you to book your huntings for 2019/2020 already now as we are about to close the agreements with hunting clubs and most of the offers are being made now.
It regards also DRIVEN HUNTS. It is a good idea to let us know about your hunt as soon as possible as it is still possible to book the dates and hotels that are most convenient to you. Apart from that, we recommend to plan your hunt already now as there are more and more groups that show interest in hunting in Poland and because of that it will be getting more and more difficult to find a good offer in the following months.
We would also like to suggest you considering taking on driven hunts on weekdays. We have experienced a few times situations in which mushroom pickers and strollers disturbed our hunts in autumn 2018. And as they are most active at weekends, hunting on weekdays can only be of benefit to you.
Right now we are uploading our offers for ROE BUCK huntings to our website You are more than welcome to visit it and look at them. You can also contact us directly at Turn on JavaScript! and let us know about your preferences and have your offer made to order. 
If you have any other requests regarding STAGS, MUFLOUNS, FALLOW DEERS or FEMALE huntings, feel free to send us a request. We will answer as soon as possible!
Best regards,
Team Hunterpol


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